evahline WORKS


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    Ship operator

    An operator performs operating duties on a ship. Although many companies charter ships from vessel owners, we focus on operating our own ships.

  • 2

    Ship management (people and ships)

    Ship owners and managers take responsibility for ship operations, engineering, and manning of vessels. Management services are provided to ensure the safe operation of our ships.

  • 3

    Type of cargo carried

    We carry a wide range of cargo, from grain to materials, including steel-related products, potatoes, shipping containers, coke (fuel), limestone and timber.

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    Part of our logistics strategy

    The world of shipping is undergoing a period of major change, with both challenges and potential at odds. What is important here is the voice of the shippers and operators who request transportation. What kind of cargo do you want to carry and how? By listening to detailed needs, we create transportation plans that are environmentally friendly and propose sustainable logistics strategies while working closely with our customers.

ship operator