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Connecting Japan and the world through transport

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Most things around us are transported by ship. evahline supports daily life through shipping.

evahline’s company policy

“We transport things by ship”. Our job is very simple. We are entrusted with a cargo, transport it by ship and deliver it. The cargo delivered must, of course, be in the same condition as when we received it.
For example, potatoes are one of our main cargo. If potatoes were to be transported from Hokkaido to Hiroshima, they would be held for three to five days. It is no easy task to transport food at a constant temperature and freshness across the Japanese archipelago, which is long from north to south and has varying climates.
In addition, when transporting steel products, some 1,700 tons of cargo may be carried at any one time. Transporting so many things at once is a huge task only a ship can undertake, and we carry the cargo we are entrusted with daily from hand to hand with care.
We carry your valuable cargo with care and believe that the people we connect with through our work will give us the strength to see the future of our shipping industry, and we will continue to move steadily, day by day, on the sea.

work situation


A “modal shift” involves switching freight transportation, which is currently carried out by trucks and cars, to the use of railways and ships, which have a lower environmental impact. Transport by ship can reduce CO2 emissions by about 40% compared to transporting by truck. evahline is working to further reduce these emissions by progressively replacing its vessels with newer models.
In addition, we are participating as a promotional partner in the “Ocean and Japan Project” initiated by the Nippon Foundation, supporting activities to preserve the beautiful Seto Inland Sea for future generations.

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About our logo

evahline’s vessels are identified by their funnel marks. The new logo design representing “Sampo-yoshi”, or three-way satisfaction (good for the seller, good for the buyer, and good for society), was created by adding an image of a bright light shining through the company’s previous logo. At evahline, we aim to create a bright and hopeful company and society by mutually exercising the powers that the three equal forces of “Sampo-yoshi” can have, symbolized by blue, green, and red in our logo.

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